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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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WA, did they ever find out what caused the telephone poles in Texas to go up in flames? I really only follow 4 threads on GLP...maybe I missed something?
 Quoting: cabingirl

Thread: Power lines arcing and poles catching fire across four counties in central Texas.
Thread: 50 Power Line Poles Catch Fire so Far in Central Texas..Fog and Drought Blamed??

I missed this also and hadn't heard about it until you mentioned it. Yes dust and fog can cause them to burst into flames, maybe a few, but not as many as it appears to have effected, well over 80+. Not sure what caused it. Last year after their major drought would have made sense, but this year especially recently has seen plenty of rain.

Solar activity can't even be blamed on this.
 Quoting: whiteangel

we had a large power outage here in the Tauranga greater area the same time you were having this happen in the US

one person i know was told that a local sub-station caught fire!

and we had a very weird (not normal) fog happening at the time too (it went on for 3 days)

this is so weird..

here is an article about the power outage
[link to www.bayofplentytimes.co.nz]
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