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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle cabingirl
Post Content
My daughter was like that also. Was teaching herself to read at 18 months old and spoke like an adult, no baby talk for that one. Thru 7th grade, gifted and talented with perfect grades and way advanced in reading levels and writing skills. She is now in 9th grade, 15 and a ditzy blonde and all that that entails. I swear she is another child completely!! I use to think indigo child as well for her but now, well..... scratching

Shes still the same spirit just wrapped up in crazy'glitter' and bffs,they come around and I'm sure she'll be fine as she's got you for a mom!

You are always so sweet!! Yeah, enter the hormones and the boys and the makeup and the cyber world and I am sure this age has been like this since the beginning of time!

What a sweet daddy your little girl has!

She is still the same child/girl/soon to be woman...just has to get thru the same stuff as we did....before you know it, you will see the same brilliant child, just grown up. I know as it happened to my daughter....and yes I agree with Shad...she is so lucky to have a bright, strong, and great mom and as a guide....but I too remember looking at my daughter and thinking.."what happened"???
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