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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle remjr1
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Yep, yep cold to the bone over here with alternating heat......Also have a wavy feeling under my feet and I stop and wait for it to increase but it doesn't. The wavy feel is subtle. I am a bit anxious at times but thenthankful to have been led to you fine people.....company when I come visit..
 Quoting: ChiaPet

I told my Wife the bone wrenching cold I feel is similar to my recollection of how it felt to jump into a Mountain River flowing with fresh Glacial melt. Needles of pain & a bone deep ache. The "slight quake/tremor" sensation just keeps increasing in frequency throughout the day. I'm going to do another self Energy Ballancing session with my Crystals & hope I can get a decent nights sleep because I have the feeling tomorrow could prove to be quite interesting. Love, Light & Peace to you all! :-)
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