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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle whiteangel
Post Content
Yesterday we were talking about the odd feelings we have gotten when going out in public. Today, I felt like everyone was in a different zone or I was invisible, one or the other.

Took a lunch to my daughter to school and was almost hit by three different cars, two of which were in double turn lanes and tried coming into my lane almost side swiping me. Both of the drivers gave me the Bird of Paradise, like I had done something wrong - a school bus was behind me on one of them and I saw the driver throw their hands up in the air like they couldn't believe what had just happened.

Got behind 5 different cars going 30 mph in a 45 mph zone in 5 different location and behind one some car came up on my tail at about 60 mph and almost rear-ended me. These cars that were going so slow were not the elderly. One was alone, while the rest were yacking to the passenger like they didn't have a care in the world. Not one of them was paying attention to what they were doing and were weaving all over the place.

Now it takes me about 8 minutes to get to the high school and 8 minutes home. All of the above happened in a 20 minute time frame. Turned off on to the street to my house, paused for a female (not going to say what I really thought she was) to cross the street which was in the middle of the road and not a corner or crossing area and as I sat there waiting for her to leisurely stroll across the street, she too shot me the Bird of Paradise.

What the heck??!!

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