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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle 2curious
Post Content
Ok, I probably should check out that other "symptoms" thread that was posted here to see if anyone else mentioned this but here goes. It's a highly strange sensation that I'm noticing with more & more frequency & I have, till now, only told two People. I have the sensation of looking out of my eyes but it's like it's something I'm inside, maybe like an "Avitar", if that helps anyone picture it. Is this a sensation anyone else has experienced, this feeling of...hmmm...disconnect, for lack of a better word? It's very strange & I've stopped fighting it & being "wierded out" by it & yet I still feel/sense it. Very strange indeed.
 Quoting: remjr1 219210

I have had a couple of experiences where I "see" (literally) with my eyes CLOSED.

I mentioned it to my Dad a couple of weeks ago and he said the same has happened to him.

Sooo - ANYTHING is possible. Maybe we're getting to the point where we actually SEE ourselves from the outside - like an OBE - but NOT...

Hope I made some sense remjr!!
 Quoting: 2curious

Hi 2C & Rem ~

I was just telling this to Mama Has Awakened the other day!! I also can see with my eyes closed. Not all the time but when I am really tired it happens.

Oh what awesome times we live in!!


Much Love,
 Quoting: Tiny Trink

Hello 2T.

What a bummer I missed that conversation! I do my best to try to read all the posts when catching up... but it seems that my "speed reading" was a bit too speedy at some point!

My favorite was the first time it happened. That's when I REALLY understood what it means to be an "energetic" or "spiritual" being. It hit home how we really don't need this body that we are in.

Interesting times ahead!

Love and hugs!
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