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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The worldwide meditation was awesome, never had such a relaxing energy from a directed leader. The crayons are there everyday to use my 'new' old friends!
 Quoting: shadasonic

That was awesome!!

White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple

My 9 year old loved it too!


Much Love,
 Quoting: Tiny Trink

It was a beautifull set up for all ages,very easy to picture the energy transference
 Quoting: shadasonic

Oh...verysad I didn't know about this is there a website I can go to? Can I still do it on my own? I have a new GLP saying 'Miss a minute, Miss a lot' darn... I'm truly sorry I missed this event.

Guys, I have to share something important with you all. First, I am under the impression that the meditation last night was probably a part of the 'Global Consciousness Project'. Saw it in a SO vid, thru idahopicker, and yo! I thought that was conspiritard legend, lol!

Key points that piss me off:
-They have these 'reg' instruments everywhere, recording our 'consciousness' 24/7 (no disclosure?)
-They have 'mobile' 'in the field' instruments. (coming to a disaster near you)since '93!
-How have they been applying this data? I'm so sure it is for the betterment of mankind, HA!)
-How they have not been applying this data. (-how about just tell us, we have a collective, universal consciousness!!!)

Oh, I thought it was legend because I had heard that 'they' measured a response to 911 hours before the attack(!) - and They did! Going to include a utube link with one of the scientists....and he talks about this near the end of the vid.

Now, I found about the meditation 2 nights ago, and spent much energy promoted the idea yesterday. Just to say that I am aggravated at 'them', too. -and may not have been. I'd like to go back in their data to see what it looked like when the mediation was done a year or two ago, but whateva.

I started their site with a 'procedure' tab on top of the page; I'm floored by this, wonder if u will be? This is not 'normal' and it AINT COOL either,

Oh, and I was at the meditation and it felt awesome to me too, does that show it is a good thing???I hope.....

Make sure u check out 'real time display on left!! So, trippy to hear the sounds of consciousness!!!! - I wonder, WHEN we UNITE will we make a symphony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[link to noosphere.princeton.edu]

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