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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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A couple of observations......look back over the last couple of days worth of posts on this thread. Look at how upbeat & excited this already upbeat(as a general rule) group has been. Look at the outpouring of Love & High Vibrational Energy to eachother, the creator & posters of the YT videos & imagine how many other groups of like minded Energetic Beings have been doing the same thing. The groups that united for the 12/12/12 Meditations & now this. While saddened I refuse to focus on it. I've set my Intent to send High Vibrational Energy & Love to all impacted by this horrific act of violence & I'm now going to go do an Energy Ballancing Session then watch the rest of the 2012 vid :-) Second-Note how many threads have been alowed to be pinned about this.....hmm.....curious.....no?.........
 Quoting: remjr1 1615216

hiya rem

i agree

my son is upset, he has just heard about it on the nz news

i have told him to stop listening to the news about it, because i believe it was a psyop, and one of the intentions is to scare and freak out children all over the world

i have explained to him that the children (and adults) who died in this heinous act, are already with angels and with their grandparents and other loved ones in heaven

i also told him to pray for the children who didnt die, but who witnessed it, and for the parents and families of those who did

you are so right, lets try to raise global energy at this time

here are some beautiful uplifting songs to help us at this time

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