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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle moxiechic
Post Content
something very odd to report this morning.

Just got to work and there were worms crawling up the doors. I found this very strange with it being December 17. I don't rekon I have ever recalled seeing a worm in December. It is warm this am but still odd.
I'm in SouthEast Indiana on the KY line.
 Quoting: miabelieves

Ok, interesting, Thank You for sharing :-)....couple of questions for you. Any other strange or unusual animal/insect behaviour? How about your co workers, how do they seem to you &, lastly, how do YOU feel? Are you feeling/sensing anything different today? Love, Light & Peace to you & yours & to all who read this :-)
 Quoting: remjr1 1393773

Lately my dog doesn't want to go outside. When I go to put him out he tries to get back in. I have a little gate set up to keep him in the yard and he just sits at the gate barking. When he is inside he doesn't want to leave my side. I think it's odd since he only recently started acting this way. He's a boxer/shepard mix. My cats are just your typical cats.

Also wanted to add that i'm driving to NC on Friday the 21st. WOOHOO!!!!!
 Quoting: Rev.Mikey13

Been lurking....but had to respond. I am looking this up...and I may be wrong...but I remember reading something about earthworms or snakes coming up from the ground and earthquakes. Maybe an old wives tale...but it stuck with me. Being winter...I'm looking into it.
 Quoting: moxiechic

Here is an interesting article about earthworms
[link to gardening.mwcog.org]
I believe I saw a program on the science channel or nat geo where scientist in Japan and/or China are using animal behavior to predict quakes and have successfully evacuated prior to a quake based on animal behavior.

Aren't you in New Madrid area? I know Isis has been posting the quakes in WVA and KY has appeared on that list.
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