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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle miabelieves
Post Content
sorry, had not replied being at work and all :)
as for noticing other bugs I would have to say no, although whoever brought the gnats up I do remember seeing a gnat(just one) in the office and I thought "hmm weird" but not as weird as the worm. As for the peeps I work with, they are all men and very hard to read. I did note my boss was awfully perky today. I work at a power plant so there is LOTS of electricity flowing about. We also had storms roll in about 2:30pm. Has been a very dreary day. Started out warm but since the storms has gotten chilly whilly. As for how I feel.... Ears did not have any pressure today so I count that good. My mood is always the same, borderline crazy :)
dogs seem normal and birds I have not seen

edit: as far as the NMZ, I believe this area is about 400 miles East of it.
I go home this weekend until first of the year which is about 150 miles East of NMZ.
I'm going home on the 20th, just in case :)
OH, forgot one other thing. Had a dream last night. Big Flood. I just remember fighting the water and grabbing hold of a cross (it looked like the cross (6ft tall) on the road where my son left this world). The cross was keeping me safe. Just thought I would add my dream.
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