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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle shadasonic
Post Content
I tried watching some footage of the CT. killings and I have to stay completely away from it and most other news right now,something is very wrong with the whole cinematic approach to these world events and there are other forces involved with the world events at this point. I hate MSM,but I get overwhelmed with emotions that I usually can easily control. I'm not saying these events didn't transpire,but they are being tainted to cause anger, fear, and bewilderment! Something is way off!
 Quoting: shadasonic

100% agree. Recently there have been some tragic events, yet it isn't like these things haven't happened before. MSM is milking it all to turn on the emotions whatever those may be that are triggered in different people. Most of the news doesn't effect me in the least but since the CT event, some much is really draining on my emotions, some extreme sadness and at other moments just flat ticked off to the point I just want to rant and rave.

Been turning off the news and only watching the weather section. Something is really wrong in the reporting of the news and danged if I can figure out that it is....subliminal messaging?? I know, that is pretty out there.
 Quoting: whiteangel

Exactly,we're all being played in some way. They're manipulating the masses for many reasons I believe,watch this hand because the other one is in the cookie jar.

If you could go back two years in time and watch events now transpire I believe you would swear the world had gone mad,and it was crazy then. The duality of our planet is reaching new heights. I'm good though as I'm starting to see through the weaving of webs and realize they don't want a good for mankind ,spiritual front, facing them. I believe some are becoming desperate. Love ya Angel,you're a good grounding force!
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