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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle moxiechic
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I tried watching some footage of the CT. killings and I have to stay completely away from it and most other news right now,something is very wrong with the whole cinematic approach to these world events and there are other forces involved with the world events at this point. I hate MSM,but I get overwhelmed with emotions that I usually can easily control. I'm not saying these events didn't transpire,but they are being tainted to cause anger, fear, and bewilderment! Something is way off!
 Quoting: shadasonic

EVERYTHING is politicized. It's bent, twisted and spun to manipulate. It's just really sad to realized how easy folks are manipulated. It's so normal to want to understand. To try to make sense of something such as this....so we don't feel that we've lost in vain. We look in all the wrong places for understanding/blame: to guns, to movies, video games, religion in school, or politicians. We fail to recognize we carry what we need within us. No matter what faith you practice....one must accept that we must embrace both the good and the evil, the light and the dark. One does not exist without the other. We cannot have all the blessing without having the hardship. The victims in this are countless and I flat refuse to watch, read or be a part of anything that does not honor those young lives or those valiant teachers. I choose to celebrate their lives...their spirit less they become forgotten.
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