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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle El Quisqueyano
Post Content
Started a thread on this but not much play... maybe you
guys can help :

Someone more educated than me, please tell me if you know...

When are we ???

I mean didn't Julius Caesar kind of kink things up when he
came up with the leap year? Same thing with the daylight savings time...
I mean I guess concerning DST we do switch back and forth.

Serious question guys and I'm sure there are people here that can shed some light on it !!!

Just in time (scratching) too....
 Quoting: Boceph

I pondered over the same issue. What if our time has been changed from the original time kept by the Mayans and or Aztec? I mean we have set forth so many amendments to time since it's inception. Are we really in the year 2012? Are we behind or have we passed 2012 long time ago? Maybe all this was done to time so we would not know and or pin point to a specific day? So the prophecy would creep up on those not aware of true time?
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