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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle Tiny Trink
Post Content
Wishing this awesome assemblage of souls a peaceful exit from 2012 and a graceful entry into 2013. As always, sending much gratitude for the information and ideas shared here, plus the love and kindness you show fellow explorers.

I have enormous respect for those who post on this thread, Gabe, Shada, WhiteAngel, TS66, AKObserver, Mia, EC (esp for the SH updates), Tiny T, SC - oh well - everyone here!

No matter what 2013 brings, my life has been enhanced by our friendship! Happy New Year to the Family of Gabe....
 Quoting: Tropicalgirl

Much love and blessings your way Sis!
 Quoting: shadasonic

I meant to add a shout out to Sister Isis' (is that plural? LOL) Nika, Vesper, Ozark too, you guys are all so amazing!! I don't want to leave anyone out, but there are a load of cool people on this thread, sorry to not name everyone! :-)
 Quoting: Tropicalgirl

Happy 2013 to Everyone!!

This year my intentions are to...

~Find Love in all places and beings.

~Walk in Grace.

~Do No Harm.

~Shine Brightly, so that others may find their inner light.

~Stay Balanced and Be the balance for others when they need it.

~To let go of the Doom and see only the Bloom of Change. (That came to me after Angels dream post. I knew I had to let go of the Doom, just needed a replacement. Thank you Angel)


Much Love,
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