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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle Tiny Trink
Post Content
Tiny Trink - gotta say girl, I had a long long dream last night about you and Shad!!

Was in a town named Tiny Trink, it was in a more mountainous area, there were millions of flowers growing up through very deep snow and you and I were collecting them as it was important for us to pick each and everyone. We had to make sure we gave them to all our friends and family so that they would be protected from what was coming. We couldn't miss anyone so you and I were picked like crazy people. Then Shad walked up and he had a full arm load of these amazingly beautiful flowers and said "We have to hurry. We have to hurry." Other people joined us - sorry no other names were said - and started handing out these flowers that would save them from what is coming.

As the flowers were being handed out, the sky darkened and there was a strange lightening sparkling all over and yes, lots of chemtrails also. This part of the dream was so vivid you would have thought I was a wild child from the 60's, lol. I looked at you, you looked at me and together we said "times up".

I woke up thinking about the flowers. They were huge, like the poppy fields in the Wizard of Oz, but they were different kinds and their colors were very vivid, bright and so many colors of the rainbow.

Wanted to make a note for others, I have never personally met TT or Shad so I don't have a clue what they really look like. In my dream, they didn't look so much like people as spirits. Let me tell you, this was the most colorful, vivid, intense dream I have had in a very long long time. Nope, the only drugs I have taken is Advil, and no alcohol whatsoever. Honest!!

Edit: almost didn't post this, as it just seems so very out there!!!

 Quoting: whiteangel

There is something powerful in the flowers growing through the snow, right? From the dream experts these explanations might help clarify:

Snow is white. White is often a symbol of purity. In alchemy, white was the symbolic color of purification: the color of having stripped oneself bare of all that was no longer needed to move on to a higher level of existence. In dreams white may symbolize new beginnings. It may also be symbolically related to baptism which is another symbol of the beginning of new life. Looked at from this vantage point, snow might symbolize a new beginning, a new relationship not only to one's emotions and intuition but to one's Self. Remember though, white is a beginning color--this is the start of something new, not the completion of the process.

Flowers: Creativity
Healthy, plentiful flowers in dreams are symbolic of growth. This growth may be in one's career, personal life, or of the spiritual variety. Dreams involving fields of healthy flowers may symbolize a time of abundant creativity. This creativity can take many forms. It may be a particularly fertile time of ideas, a time of artistic inspiration, or it may also symbolize the ultimate creativity - a time of physical fertility.

Those two themes weave together fairly well, what do you think Angel?!

If you dream this while sober we'd better not give you champagne! LOL No, really its a beautiful dream, thank you and TT and Shad for taking care of others - even in the dream state!
 Quoting: Tropicalgirl

Wow Tropicalgirl! Yes, that makes perfect sense. The one part that still seems ominous to me though is "times up". The rest of this that you said, just seemed right!
 Quoting: whiteangel

IMHO ~ Angels dream signifies that we are all at the fork in the road. We can on any given day sit on this site and read all the Doom until our head is about to explode. As we do this our Energy field changes, we move into Fear. I took these past 12 days off just to see if I felt better. What I realized is that even though I am a balanced person (meaning checking in with where my Energy is) I was tipped into Fear way to much. Of course "What we Think about, Comes about" and then Doom hit my front door. It was in that moment that I decided I can either be consumed by what may come of this event or I can do something about it. I choose the later; I choose to see this as a kind Universe and made plans accordingly, therefore averting the pending doom.

With that said, what fork are we going down? Are we really choosing to see this time as a great change that is much needed to evolve us and Mother Earth or are we waiting for some great catastrophe to finally be free of our own demise? Doom or Bloom?

Angels dream for me represented what each person who comes to this thread to post or just lurk is looking for, we want the information, however, we need to a place where we can be reminded that we are here to be Light Bearers (including you lurkers)for those that want the outcome to be that of Bloom for all beings. We need to be uplifted and to feel that we matter and that all of this has had a purpose and it is not some random course of events.

The white snow in a warm environment represents the choice for a new beginning without fear, with a knowing that all is Divine.

"What we Think about, Comes about". Choose your thoughts wisely.

The beautiful flowers above the snow represent our ability to find in the rarest places our Safety, Sanity, Stability and Love. The fact that we were the gathers of these flowers for me is symbolic of this thread, to provide that moment of clarity, to know that each person who comes here is protected and given the nourishment they need to go through this great change Unharmed, Loved and Empowered. Each flower given is what we do on this thread. We provide a Safe Haven for posters to state their fears, opinions and ask for clarification without the fear of being ridiculed or banished.

The statement "We have to hurry" and "Times up" is exactly that; it is time to make a decision and stand in our truth. Choices are but of two: Do we take the flower and walk this with Love or Do we refuse the flower and walk in Fear?

The posters on this thread are handing out Flowers for all!! hf

Angel I have to say that this dream was very profound for me and touched me deeply. We no longer just get to talk the talk; it is now time to walk the walk.

Stay Balanced and Shine Brightly!!

I am attaching this video as I believe it ties in nicely exactly what 2013 is about.

Much Love,

[link to www.youtube.com]

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