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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle HarmonyH
Post Content
Fair Well F.O.G.G.E.R.S

Goodbye my friends Gabe, L Q and others .... It has been surreal... Remember to give the mind/ego 10% a rest at times with so much input n information and let the remaining 90%
the true you --guide and lead you -- CHOOSE which part you will answer to the same old 10% or the new and more available 90% ! (your heart-consciousness)


Hi Dances n Celestial Weather & Influence followers

Wanted to take a quick moment to wish you ALL n One

a very Healthy, Hopeful, Happy n Harmonious New Year !

I will not be writing much if any -- here at GLP

With much sadness yet Joy I will leave you guys -- You dances have been a God Sent to me many at times and hoping you continue to update your followers n lurkers (that's how I started years ago -- n came out of the lurking mode when you decided to delete you original thread ) remember how I beckon you to come back --- Thank you so much for your friendship and we will forever be friends -- you have my email still I hope ! If ever you should NEED me please don't hesitate to use it.

But I am embarking on a new journey and my time is needed elsewhere in real life -- I will try to to lurk if possible but
there are things/matters that need tending too .

I luv you and wish only the Truest of God's blessings and Grace for you and your son. Think Well-being and it shall be.

Love, Light, Truth, Joy, Wisdom and Harmony be Yours

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