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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle Isis7
Post Content
Fair Well F.O.G.G.E.R.S

Goodbye my friends Gabe, L Q and others .... It has been surreal... Remember to give the mind/ego 10% a rest at times with so much input n information and let the remaining 90%
the true you --guide and lead you -- CHOOSE which part you will answer to the same old 10% or the new and more available 90% ! (your heart-consciousness)


Hi Dances n Celestial Weather & Influence followers

Wanted to take a quick moment to wish you ALL n One

a very Healthy, Hopeful, Happy n Harmonious New Year !

I will not be writing much if any -- here at GLP

With much sadness yet Joy I will leave you guys -- You dances have been a God Sent to me many at times and hoping you continue to update your followers n lurkers (that's how I started years ago -- n came out of the lurking mode when you decided to delete you original thread ) remember how I beckon you to come back --- Thank you so much for your friendship and we will forever be friends -- you have my email still I hope ! If ever you should NEED me please don't hesitate to use it.

But I am embarking on a new journey and my time is needed elsewhere in real life -- I will try to to lurk if possible but
there are things/matters that need tending too .

I luv you and wish only the Truest of God's blessings and Grace for you and your son. Think Well-being and it shall be.

Love, Light, Truth, Joy, Wisdom and Harmony be Yours

 Quoting: HarmonyH 29162417

 Quoting: HarmonyH 29162417

Fare well Harmony dear. Know you are thought of even if not mentioned. Good advice, thank you. May you prosper on your journey and accomplish much. Be content in all you do.
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