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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Hi All!
Hope this finds you all well.
Still working but wanted you all to see this
Southcentral Authorities Silent on Cause of Booming Noise

By Chris Klint
Channel 2 News
12:44 p.m. AKST, January 4, 2013
Southcentral Alaska authorities didnít have any immediate cause for a loud booming noise heard Thursday night and reported by Channel 2 viewers, but seemed to rule out sonic booms from aircraft in responses Friday.
Reports of the sounds were posted on Channel 2ís Facebook page Thursday evening by people ranging from Eagle River to the Mat-Su Valley. Some reports placed the phenomenon between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. Thursday, with Channel 2's Late Edition airing a brief update on the reports. Viewers' descriptions of the sound varied, but those who heard it generally agreed that it was a strong and persistent noise.
[link to www.ktuu.com]
I felt and heard this 'phenomenon' as they are calling it. Thursday night the ducks in the lake were squawking and quacking so loud they started around 7:30 I went to see if they were OK thinking maybe someone's dog was trying to get them or an eagle they were alright just excited. Came back in the house 'it' started at 8:03 I know this because I wrote the time down the noise was so loud and weird and I heard this high pitch tone right before.
This 'whatever' was bizarre it sounded like something huge was coming through the woods and knocking the trees down, it came from far away and then moved closer, it sounded like large amounts of dirt were being emptied into a hole (the sound you hear when a bucket loader drops a load of material into a hole) I was sure we had a series of earthquakes and kept checking sites, the hanging lamp in my room swayed, the dogs whined once then laid very still beside me. There were vibrations like you hear and feel when the volume is too loud on the surround sound and rumbling that sounded metallic. I went into the living room thinking my son had come in and turned the TV up really loud but no one else was home... then it quit. I had this strange sensation/feeling I felt this 'presence' from outside it's hard to describe I wasn't scared just this feeling something changed and it was big . Then I gave myself a pep-talk that someone would definitely think I was nuts if I said that, told myself there had to be a logical explanation. Thought it might have been the wind I checked all the sites there was nothing noted. Called several friends and they all heard 'something' loud but each one described it differently, one said he thought it was a huge wind surge, another thought the snow load had fallen off his house and shop but it hadn't, another thought it was a bunch of military airplanes. Didn't think anymore about it until I just read this story from the local TV Channel I have no idea what it was but writing this has me really thinking about it again now I'm wondering if it was atmospheric?
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