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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle shadasonic
Post Content
I'm OK!
Much Love to you all.
I don't live in Hoonah we built the website for mistybaylodge.com I travel all over Alaska for the publishing company I work for. I am 700 miles from the quake in South Central Alaska on the Denali Fault line side. Whatever that phenomenon Thursday night was I think it was a pre-cursor or warning to that quake I think something shifted? It was so weird it's hard to describe. hf
 Quoting: AKObserver

Nice to see you're OK, AK.Seems alot of us were feeling something last night. I was on Nins thread and thought it was from a solar flare, but my spidey senses went haywire as I was trying to sleep.
You're very much appreciated for all your work!hf
 Quoting: shadasonic

i had been awake for 23hr yesterday, went to sleep and was awake after only 3hrs sleep
could not sleep for anything!
now im wide awake, when i should be feeling tired, but im not
 Quoting: NiNzrez

Thats weird I'm in the same boat,got up made breakfast for the kids, did laundry, and am going to build new shutters for the house. Have tons of energy with hardly any sleep,can't complain I guess. Theres a chance with elevated energy the ions around us have shifted and this will give you a great lift. The same effect salt lamps produce,had a
yoga instructor explain this to me years ago. I'm not sure how valid this is but it made sense to me
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