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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle whiteangel
Post Content
Hey ElQ, I know you follow planetary alignments, so wondering if you might have a clue to this puzzle for me.

[link to ssd.jpl.nasa.gov]
Shows an alignment of Venus/Earth/Ceres for today. Why would this little dwarf planet/big asteroid influence Earth and Sun so much? 7.8 EQ and an M1.7 flare 30 minutes of each other was rather interesting considering we don't see M-flares anymore.

Any thoughts as to why Ceres effects us so? Anyone else can jump in also.
 Quoting: whiteangel

I think this is important, good catch WhiteAngel.

 Quoting: El Quisqueyano

It is named after Ceres, the Roman goddess of growing plants, the harvest, and motherly love.

She showing us how mad she is at us?
 Quoting: El Quisqueyano

I have just been watching the alignments and how most don't seem to effect us unless Ceres is involved. Being mostly water/ice mixture, makes me also think of Comet ISON that will be putting on a major display here in November and will be effecting the solar system, especially Mars by summer time. Comets are mostly ice and rock, so.... what does this mean for us? Info coming in about ISON is limited at best, yet, there seems to be a warning bell going off in my brain about this and has been since it was first put out to the public that is was just discovered.

Red planet dancing with the blue kachina?? Of course if it interacts with Mars like they are saying it possibly could, that red planet may turn blue!! There is even mention the comet could hit Mars.

Said all that to say, will ISON also cause us problems like Ceres does? If Ceres effects us, yet is is further away than Mars, will ISON effect us when it is closer to us, as close as ISON??

I hope all that rambling made sense
 Quoting: whiteangel

I posted this over on ElQ's thread. Thought those who don't go over there much would like to see it also.
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