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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle AKObserver
Post Content
Morning (afternoon) All!
Wow....seems we are experiencing a lot of things that we can't explain. After suffering from insomnia or whatever it was since New Year's I crashed and burned about 4:45 AM
Here's the good part that will give you a chuckle. I fell asleep with my glasses on and my fingers on the keyboard writing a post lol I was so tired that my eyes couldn't focus anymore! Woke Up a scary site, glasses half off my face and lines and lines of the letter 'a', have a huge red dent on the side of my face where my glasses were stuck between it and the pillow! what a night!

I am still trying to find some answers to the phenomenon experience. I saw the youtube video about the lights which is also really weird because in the wee hours of Friday AM I saw those and woke my daughter up to come look I didn't see the flashing but the sky was was really bright towards Anchorage with this 'hole of light' in the sky because it was cloudy in my area I thought it was Aurora lights and didn't think anything else of it. Seems rather surreal to have experienced it all first hand. It has left me feeling humbled and honored that my finding all of you and this awesome gathering place of loving, kindred spirits with such amazing knowledge was no coincidence and perhaps, all these things I am seeing and feeling no matter how strange, I am here to share them all with you (no matter how nutty they seem at the time) I don't feel like it's doom or apocalyptic but rather an enlightening journey for us to share & learn.
Thank you all! I am blessed by your company.
My ears are still hissing but not with the intensity of the prior two days Thank God! I still have the huge energy surge wanting to Spring clean everything but I'm settling for putting all the Christmas things away! It's 34+ here today

This webicorder will show you the duration of that quake look at the intensity!
[link to www.avo.alaska.edu]

I found this post this AM
Mysterious Booms in Southcentral Alaska on January 3 2012 – A link to today’s Alaska 7.5-mag Earthquake?
[link to strangesounds.org]
and this one
Subduction zone model: Deep Earth tremors to foretell major earthquakes?
[link to strangesounds.org]
seems others are searching as we are.
Have a wonderful day hf
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