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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle AKObserver
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Here's a really good map of the fault lines associated with the quake The quake happened right where the Aleutian Trench and the Fairweather trench merge
The tectonic deformation of southern Alaska is driven by collision of the Pacific Plate with the North American Plate. This map shows some of the prominent known faults that bound different fragments of crust in southern Alaska. Arrows depict how the pieces are moving relative to North America (longer arrows mean faster motion). Black dots mark the two field areas discussed in this report.
Full size map
[link to www.groundtruthtrekking.org]

[link to www.groundtruthtrekking.org]

(I'm wondering if anyone in the immediate area has seen any evidence if the fault ruptured or the plates collided)
When an earthquake occurs on a fault, the rock on either side of the fault shears, moving in different directions. For some earthquakes, especially the largest earthquakes, the shearing action of the fault extends up to the ground surface, leaving visible scars and disturbance. Shearing action along the fault breaks the soil and rock at the ground surface, opening cracks and shifting layers

[link to www.ndbc.noaa.gov]
This doesn't look good at all I think we are looking a destabilizing event with that East Coast buoy in event mode the shift we experienced could have been a precursor to a New Madrid fault line rupture or a megathrust quake event on the West Coast.
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