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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle shadasonic
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[link to www.swpc.noaa.gov]

We've had mild proton absorption for almost 24 hours, thats an ear ringer. Protons have a makeup for evolution and are the primary particle source for change. They are the constant revolver of change and are the first sign of it! I've been told a dozen times to always watch proton absorption, now this is minimal, but it always brings back lessons to me. Peace and good night my friends!
 Quoting: shadasonic

Proton absorption?

Is this why my ears have dropped in their ringing(or buzzing, or whatever you call it)? I will have this happen every once in a while, and it happened a few times this week. Don't recall it happening more than a few times a year since I was young, so it was odd to have it happen more than once in a week.

Do you have any links for more info on this? They would be much appreciated!!
 Quoting: wishiwas

There are many different symptoms from solar weather(particle rain- electrons,neutrons, protons). Then you have piezoelectric discharge from quakes,electrical buildup and discharge from shear pressure(ground current spikes). I have symptoms from all of these, then there are days where nothing is showing and I'll have meridian vibrations in my torso through to my cerebral cortex, which I believe is coming from cosmic rays or energetic photons. I notice solar energy the easiest as it almost always starts with the ears ringing and frequency fluctuation,proton flux is almost always the culprit. Now with electron ionization you will get some ear tones , but it is more of an overall body 'feel' with energetic , euphoric symptoms. Theres been alot of research on these effects.
It took me a long time to figure out what was up with several trips to the doctor. I've had my ears checked thouroughly and they are working like they should. Mission Invisible has had several excellent threads on these symptoms, and I'd suggest you check her out.Many people working in the solar panel industry experience severe ear problems due to the concentration of solar particles.

[link to carliniinstitute.com]

[link to tomkenyon.com]

Nin has a thread on magnetic disorders

Thread: Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome- MAKING US SICK **MUST READ***

Heres the D rap chart again, its still showing small amounts of proton absorption. I've had ear 'tones', since this started. I have gotten to a point whenever we have a flare I can tell immediately as it only takes this photonic energy 8 seconds to hit earth,cmes take days but have a similar type symptom.

[link to www.swpc.noaa.gov]

Hope some of this helps and remember most people experiencing the ringing do not have tinnitus. I've had numerous discussions with fellow 'ringees' and alot of them have been tested.
If you start meditating or praying, you can use frequency soundtracks to manipulate healing and target energetic pathways. Since I started frequent meditation around 3 years ago, these symptoms have become increasingly strong and I now use the incoming energy for benefit. Peace!
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