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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle AKObserver
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Hope you are having a great day/evening wherever you are.
Working still but taking a break and wanted to share something I found while searching for some answers to the 'whatever' from Thursday night. Have continued to ask people if they heard it. How amazed I am to hear so many say yes but each ones interpretation of the event is so different! Many didn't question or ask what it might have been and even more upsetting most of the people I spoke with didn't even know there was a large earthquake event right here!

Below some interesting information about another comet of great light and time duration-Tecumseh's Comet. With the approach of Ison we are seeing things that are happening as we speak that parallel in comparison- Earth Booms and noises,Sulfuric and other noxious smells, earthquake Lights and clouds, Bizarre animal and human behaviors. All these things were also reported to have happened over a year before the New Madrid Quakes beginning with subtle changes then escalating to more profound Earthquake Phenonema right before the 4 quakes began.
Are we seeing history repeat itself?

The New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-12

Tecumseh’s Comet and the Battle of Tippecanoe
The earthquakes were preceded by the appearance of a great comet, which was visible around the globe for seventeen months, and was at its brightest during the earthquakes. The comet, with an orbit of 3,065 years, was last seen during the time of Ramses II in Egypt. In 1811-1812, it was called “Tecumseh’s Comet” (or “Napoleon’s Comet” in Europe). Tecumseh was a Shawnee Indian leader whose name meant “Shooting Star” or “He who walks across the sky.” He was given this name at birth.
much more at this link
[link to www.new-madrid.mo.us]
great threads here
[link to www.flutrackers.com]

Something to ponder..hf
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