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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle AKObserver
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Large, mysterious squid send California anglers into fishing frenzy
By: Pete Thomas, GrindTV.com

During a 45-minute stretch for anglers on two boats Saturday night off Southern California, they reeled an estimated 800 large ink- and water-squirting squid up and over the rails.
[link to www.grindtv.com]

Can squid warn us of major quakes?
The "fisherman's tale" that the size of a squid catch can foretell earthquakes gained traction, and reports of the phenomenon continue to be made at briefings on possible precursors to earthquakes.

"There were amazing hauls of squid just before the Hanshin quake, and also just before the 1946 Nankai Earthquake," one veteran fisherman from southern Tokushima said.

Another was unable to hide his amazement at the possible connection.

"I thought it was odd that we got such a huge haul," he said. "I'd heard that squid catches increase before a major earthquake, but...."
[link to www.yomiuri.co.jp]
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