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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle AKObserver
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just for the record ...(Bertioga beach-Sao Paulo - Brazil)

Environmental Guard estimates that 1 million creatures mangrove dawned on the seashore and aroused the curiosity of locals and tourists passing through the area. According to some residents, the phenomenon started happening last Saturday (5). According to the Environmental Guard, about 1 million animals may have gone to the beach.
There are Thousands of dead crabs...due to excessive rain?!

[link to g1.globo.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31077491

I don't think it's from rain...read this...I remembered reading about land crabs heading towards beaches in droves before large earthquakes and found this

'More earthquake predictions

so, I lurked around a bit and found some strange texts of older earth quake predictions

heres a few excerpts, once again sorry for the translation

And land crabs crawling in droves towards the coastal Ushioda, Tsurumi-ku Yokohama, quickly took a big enough 入Ranu to budge.
500 animals per hour balanced the creeping innumerable crabs in town breakwater Yasuura Yokosuka. Lou, Shinagawa 相州 of rats were milling around the back door always leftovers, where the reporter came to take pictures, only one animal was not even on that day. I told the owner of the tower 相州 professional storyteller, "I'm certainly earthquake, and so did Masa Yasushi," he said. Was right.

10 o'clock, a terrible appearance of dark thunderhead is not even ever seen a blue sky. Unlike later later put aside the usual thunderhead, part of the boundary of the cloud flashed terribly. And shining in the morning and cloudy, the weather was like my head hurts. Deep-water fish floated dead were a lot of fishermen fishing in the vicinity of the Gadidae. I thought there must be something misadventure, I immediately returned to the land, long before the earthquake occurred. Sagami River at around 10, Ayu, and 打Chiyose Haya, a strange feeling about balanced. Earthquakes occur suddenly and are hooked.
so, if I can take anything of this trainwreck of english it seems mass migrations and or mass die offs have preceded earthquakes in the past.'
excerpts from site not accepted here
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