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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle Tiny Trink
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I've met some of the most unique, "old" beautifull souls on this forum. Its getting close to the time to venture out and rediscover who I truly am.
SS,MJ,B,,IWTB, and J(sounds like a good italian sandwich), love you guys for the new and old schooling I've received. I know of the physical evolution mama earth and our system are going through, you bayards of truth have helped me with the esoteric, building of soulfull maturation needed for the times ahead. I hope I can grow where I need to and slow where I need to. I am giving foregiveness where needed and accepting it.

Mr. Lear says live with integrity without greed or envy and love your family and let them know of this love. Ninrez has given me solar knowledge that my collegiate years and many physics classes couldn't.El Q gave me the viewpoint that frequency channeled can raise mountains. Sik Scent has given me worlds to ponder and explore. MJ has given me the ability to realize these worlds and paradigms are converging and real! Dr. Astro has taught me knowledge is good, ego not so.Dettro has taught me during times of trial, you stick by your friends.Gabriel has taught me a woodsman with wisdom is in itself all you need. I go to be that woodsman! The last six years have been amazing. Look to the coherency that appears in the countdown of days ahead.

line up

It all adds up!
 Quoting: shadasonic

I am not checking out just expanding my territory, I'm going to be gone for extended periods at times. I love all of you and will check in when I can!
2 curious
I'm leaving out dozens. A real special thanks to Mama, Double T,White Angel and Splittin Cesium. True souls know when they've met old friends.
 Quoting: shadasonic

My Soul Brother ~

I will miss you dearly! I am grateful to you in so many ways that the English language will not do justice in trying to express.

I wish you well on your journeys.

May you Stay Safe and Balanced. Shine Brightly.
Vibrate and Not Fixate.

And above all, always remember that you have a home and family here when and if you ever need to be reminded, re-balanced or just feel loved and that you belong.


Much Much Love to you My Soul Brother,
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