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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle MamaHasAwakened
Post Content
One could get a little paranoid when this is the fifth "farewell or taking a break' I have read in two days. Y'all know something I don't and are bugging out??
 Quoting: whiteangel

I've realized there are many things to be done my dear friend and I'm putting off these things by to much contemplation. I feel action is needed on my part and look to make a difference. I'll be back I'm sure. I'm not an activist just a realist, and I need my viewpoint to be heard with many others. Our world , our beloved planet is in decline. Our politicians are souless. Voices must be raised. I want to ascend to beauty,I must make a difference. My children need to know the joy I spent growing up in the outdoors with a loving community behind me,can't let these days get any darker. One voice though small,carries a huge VIBRATION!
 Quoting: shadasonic

I completely understand what you need to do. It only takes one light to light up a place of darkness!
I have learned so much from you from all these great threads and am truly appreciative of the person you are! What a world we would live in if there were more like you!

While I will miss you and your posts and yes...your avatars (LOL) I will remember why you have decided to check out for a bit and know just a few hours down the road, someone is doing something GREAT and is shining light where there needs to be! Not to mention, for the sake of your kids! What a great dad they have!

Much Love, Admiration, and Appreciation for you Shad!


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