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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle Isis One
Post Content
Good Afternoon All!!
Lots going on~this time of year I begin to get quite busy, as I'm sure most of yall do. In a way, the everyday things are quite a blessing for me as they remind me that it's whats in front of me that matters. It's hard not to get caught up in GLP--as I suffer too from the affliction of wanting to know. Although it's not so much the "knowing" as I believe that carries an added burden....just the need to be prepared that concern me. As Shad expressed...I think our family here brings something to our lives that we all need...and it too is a blessing. Balance, I beleive...while at times is hard to achieve...is very important.
This week has been quite interesting...as I've been experiencing a re-occurring sense of...I don't know...maybe synchronicity?? Little experiences that touch me...remind me, prod me. It's as if I am supposed to be moving towards something.
 Quoting: moxiechick

Awesome post MC, thank you for saying what I've been feeling and expressing it so well. Its hard to find the balance of living fully and enjoying the moment with this overwhelming desire to 'know' what's coming, isn't it?

Lots of potential for events that we simply can't prep for - at least those of us on the coasts. Canary Islands super wave or the same type of event coming from the Gulf side with the SH situation!!

Its a daily decision to keep doing the soul work with family and friends and to live each day it as though what we've come to count on as 'normal' will keep being our experience.

This loving, connected soul group helps me to stay in balance!

Oh and Isis One - your comment about the violence not being "allowed" to continue gave me a more peaceful heart, thank you!
 Quoting: Tropicalgirl

MC and TG, well said my friends. Its nice to know all those that interact with you guys are blessed by your stable influences. Keep lighting those lights with your own flame! If we all want and concentrate on peaceful evolution we shall have it.
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