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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle AKObserver
Post Content
Tried to get on all day off and on couldn't until after church tonight. My ears have been hissing loudly since I awoke this AM it's 9:30 and almost dark dog is growling at nothing again and laying in bedroom doorway? Wonder what's up with that?

Today has been a weird day phones not working right either and people in bad moods.It was funny this morning I thought about being Christ like treating them with kindness when they were not. Low and behold it was the sermon tonight I can feel the shift and the energy.I think you all are right the NK situation is a distraction for something else. I am praying for guidance and protection for us all.

Look at there charts they are crazy
[link to www.haarp.alaska.edu]

and big ole' strikes ripping here on almost all the monitors
[link to www.merriott-astro.co.uk]


LOOK AT THIS ONE!The screne is vibrating!
[link to www.astromanian.co.uk]
 Quoting: AKObserver

I've been having problems with the phones for 3 days!! and the internet! Thursday the car battery died...my fault...but my heart dropped when my neighbors car battery was dead too. I am feeling that there is ALOT out there that is meant to be a distraction. I am also feeling as though events are being CREATED....to fulfill certain beliefs....
 Quoting: moxiechick

I agree with you completely and people are so stressed.
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