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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle moxiechick
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I just had to post this before I could sleep tonight. I took my dogs out for their final walk this evening and noticed something strange. The sky to the northwest of me was orange. My heart near jumped in my throat as my first thought was fire....but I realized....I didnt smell smoke. I kept rationalizing....yes...cloudy...lights across lake often take on an orange glow....and I can see the glow from the rig lights...brite white. Its just not making sense...there is not anything to the northwest of me that puts off light. It was very orange. I went out later and still some light. It was dimmer...more of a yellow glow. We do have syorms coming from that direction...but they didnt hit for some 3 hours. If anyone knows what this could be...i would like to know.

I did notice...as I headed up to the market the other day....its some 7 mi up the road..and we are talking country...lights out after 10....type market...i smelled a gas like smell...heavy. Mind you...I didnt smell anything tonight...jot even the rain.
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