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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle Earth Cries
Post Content
Having a lot of trouble with GLP again today. I wish they would get the server problems fixed.

Very interesting read...

Reader: An Idea About What is Going On Down Below

Hereís what they donít want you to know. Oxy 1 is being bled off twice a day due to over-pressures. Over last couple of days they are preparing to or already have installed a Blow Out Preventer, (BOP), courtesy of Halliburton, of course. Now you might ask why in hell would they need a BOP on a brine well? Damn good question.
Also, there is a wireline that is being run between Oxy 1 and Oxy 3A, presumably a seismic net to seek out a fracture caused as a result of their Barge/Air Gun experiment, which is why Pad 3 caved on both sides, and the access ramp fell in...

[link to lasinkhole.wordpress.com]
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