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Message Subject The Lord Jesus Says, " ANOTHER BROKEN ARROW " [Published 4/22/09] Fulfilled NOW with Fukushima at Level 7 Like Chernobyl
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
In fact, we were just talking about that last night and how clear the signs for His return had become.

I feel badly for non-believers, but many of them are so obnoxious, I have to wonder if Jesus doesn't laugh when they get verbally kicked in the head.chuckle

Years ago, there was a TV series on called "Highway To Heaven" with Michael Landon, the old star from "House on the Prarie"

Michael Landon played an angel and although MOST of his deeds were good and helped people, occasionally he'd do a little mischief to dimwits (like here) and everyone would get a little payback laugh. I'd imagine the Lord laughs at some of the tools of satan who try to strut here on GLP and look like the fools they really are. chuckle

But why can people can be THIS CLOSE to judgment and STILL mocking the Lord and STILL wallowing in their own sin and disbelief?..... Man....I just don't get it! It reminds me of an 80 year old man who's still BLASPHEMING on his death bed! verysad
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