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Message Subject The Lord Jesus Says, " ANOTHER BROKEN ARROW " [Published 4/22/09] Fulfilled NOW with Fukushima at Level 7 Like Chernobyl
Poster Handle Once4All
Post Content
In fact, we were just talking about that last night and how clear the signs for His return had become.

I feel badly for non-believers, but many of them are so obnoxious, I have to wonder if Jesus doesn't laugh when they get verbally kicked in the head.chuckle

Years ago, there was a TV series on called "Highway To Heaven" with Michael Landon, the old star from "House on the Prarie"

Michael Landon played an angel and although MOST of his deeds were good and helped people, occasionally he'd do a little mischief to dimwits (like here) and everyone would get a little payback laugh. I'd imagine the Lord laughs at some of the tools of satan who try to strut here on GLP and look like the fools they really are. chuckle

But why can people can be THIS CLOSE to judgment and STILL mocking the Lord and STILL wallowing in their own sin and disbelief?..... Man....I just don't get it! It reminds me of an 80 year old man who's still BLASPHEMING on his death bed! verysad
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1330326

You raise several good points. Some of these evil-tards say some things that are so absurd it is difficult not to laugh. Without realizing it they have placed their faith in aliens, this world, or themsleves when none of these things are capable of saving them. That's why it is written: Seek and you shall find; knock and the door will be opened.
 Quoting: Once4All

"evil-tards" ...lol

We talk about this a lot.....the "aliens" and the final acts of a desperate and crazy-with-rage satan, in a dying world.

Unlike you, my wife and I believe that the Tribulation (and the bowls and seals, etc.) of the Book of Revelation has yet to begin. We believe that we're simply in the "birth pangs" phase and that the REAL chaos has yet to begin. We believe in a LITERAL translation of the Bible (except for metaphors like the Ps.91 "under His wings"....we don't believe the Lord has feathers, etc.) and when Revelation talks about "becoming a sea of blood", I don't think that's a literary device!verysad

But it is EXTREMELY INTERESTING how modern film techniques have surfaced in just the past 10 or 20 years, that make the most horrific (CGI and special effects) events possible on our movie theatres wide screens, and we REALLY wonder if that's an extension of satan in desensitizing the world for the horrors of prophecy, that will allow satan and his followers to ridicule Christian believers when the Lord takes control of the elements for the true end times events!

Imagine the foretold DEMONS from hell appearing on earth. How much more convenient to explain, if they come as "aliens", etc.! And how many more people can be fooled that way, and kept sitting on the fence when they've already seen those monstrous horrors, but on film!

I hope I'm making sense....I need my coffee.lmao
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1330326

Yes, i completely agree satan create this alien distraction in a final attempt to hide the truth from many people. While i did see A seal broken i do not pretend to have all the answers in how all these days will play out. In fact, i claim to have only a few answers the most important being the need for Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. I, too, hope the Rapture takes us out early but feel very, very strongly that we need to be completely prepare to go through the death experience as Jesus did and so many wonderful christians already have since His Ascension.
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