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Message Subject Any dreams, visions or words lately? Please post them here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There are no last days, except possibly for some of the dark side.

The energy frequency is rising, possibly for the whole milky way, but certainly for our solar system, the dark side cannot survive and function in it, and they know it. The whiter/brighter sun that we now have is the most obvious example of that increase in frequency. The worldwide economy will collapse to 10 to 20 percent of its current rate by the end of this year. This is all planned by the dark side as they would like to take everyone else with them. They want to create as much suffering and chaos as possible, but it will be relatively limited. They would like the people to start a violent revolution, but it doesn't have to happen that way. All we need to do is be patient a few more months and the dark side control will collapse and in the process, the violence, lies and fraud that we have endured for 13000 years will be revealed and will stop. Store as much food as you can up to 6 months worth. Probably enough to last 3 months or or less is all that will be needed. According to a friend of mine, the 13 central banking families are already in hiding in fear for their lives.

The galactic federation is assisting in every way possible, otherwise many, maybe even most of us would already have died. Once the collapse has revealed the dark side's evil intentions and methods and the military and police are no longer getting paid by them, so that they will not follow their orders, shortly thereafter the galactic federation will show themselves to us.

Somehow the earth will divide itself like a cell into a new earth and an old. The new earth will take all who want to go to a higher plane of existence and who have earned it by their past efforts at raising their own consciousness and their willingness to speak the truth no matter what the cost in this and past lives.

The old earth will be cleansed TOTALLY of dark side control and go through a physical cleansing process. The predictions of all of the major earth changes are for those of the old earth. Those whose consciousness level is appropriate for the old earth will experience those changes.
Others may go to other planets that are appropriate to their level of consciousness.

Ascension will begin in 2012 for at least some people. I do not know if it will be rapid for all who will experience it or if it will take place over a period of time. I haven't been told that, not do I know how the division into 2 earths will occur. It is possible that those still sleepwalking will not even be aware that the process is happening.

There will be some kind of awakening and seeing a deeper truth for all. Once that takes place, the earth will no longer ever be the same palce as it was as we will all be shown to some degre our foolishness and folly.

Clinton was Caligula. Obama was Nero, but this time is playing golf and talking instead of fiddling.

Machines to assist in healing all disease and free energy devices already exist. Their use will become widespread over the next year. After the darkside control collapses, many wonderful changes that people have only thus far dreamed about will take place.

The zero point theory is happening. The essence of everything that we have done in all of our past life experiences will be presented to us in some way so that we have one last opportunity in this particular process to learn what we need to know and release our errors. If we fail, we'll take up where we left off in another situation later.

The most valuable thing you can do while enjoying the show is to be aware of the energy that is within you. You can "squeeze" a lot of the energy that you don't like out of your aura if you focus on it and experiment with different attempts through focus and effort. There is nothing that you can do that is of more benefit to yourself than cleaning up your aura by meditation (stilling your mind, freeing yourself of thoughts) and asking Higher Power for assistance. If you have a lot of tension in your body, vitamins, minerals and bodywork can help a lot.

May you learn success in your efforts.
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thanks for sharing, but this is off topic.
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