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Message Subject Any dreams, visions or words lately? Please post them here!!!
Poster Handle BombshellBetty!
Post Content
ok i have some weird ones:
mar 7 i dreamed i was on redondo pier at night
with a bunch of people. we were all "looking up".
i "looked down" in the water. it all turned white.
i ran.
mar 8- a million fish washed up in king harbor redondo
beach pier.

i had a dream a white american fighter jet with
birdlike feather wings crashed into a delta plane.
-the next day a fighter jet crashed in central cali.
-the day after that a delta plane crashed into a flock of white cranes, broke a huge hole in the nose of the plane,
made an emergency landing.

i had a dream that the nuclear plant in arkansas is
in trouble from all the earthquakes there, and then
japan happened.

i had a dream that the massive "ufosightings" in chicago
were going to bring 'something terrible', then the
tornado storms started.

i made paintings of volcanoes with "bubbles" floating
out of them last summer. now i see "ufos" "orbs"
around volcanoes in japan and iceland.

(ps i dont believe, ive never believed in ufos. always
thought that was ridiculous.)

my newest "thought" is a massive flood, tsunami, affecting
santa monica, venice,playa del rey, marina del rey,
and pacific coast highway, maybey up to LAX. i think this will happen from an earthquake that will happen up near ventura where the last fish kill happened.
-i had a dream this morning about my old boss, LUNA,
I went to a early meeting on a sunday morning, thinking
i could just go home and sleep after the meeting.THE MEETING WAS ABOUT NOT BEING PREPARED FOR WORK. but
when i got to work, the schedule had been changed, and i
had to work, and i was totally unprepared, not dressed,
no makeup, no ready at all. i was fearful, paniced, stressedout, rushing around, wishing i had more time to
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