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Message Subject Any dreams, visions or words lately? Please post them here!!!
Poster Handle Revo/elation
Post Content
Word from the Lord to the World
by Lindy Pierce
received April 19, 2011

"My children, My children. How I long for
you to come to me in the wee hours of the
night. How I long to hold you in My arms
and fill you with My love to prepare you for
the days to come. How My heart aches
when you do not come to Me. I love you so!-
"Little do you know of what is to come.
Yes, I have spoken to My prophets and will
continue to do so, but you are not prepared
emotionally or spiritually for what is to
come. In fact, there is no way you could be,
for it is My desire that you come to Me for
strength when you need it. It is like sleep;
you cannot store it up ahead of time. It
must come to you fresh each day, just like
My love, just like My tender mercies - they
are new every morning.

"You are coming into a time of great trials
and upheaval in the earth, a time of
tribulation like the world has never seen
before. You have only seen the beginnings
of such times in Chili, Haiti, and Japan. And
now it is your turn, America. For turning
your backs to Me and throwing Me out of
your schools, for not teaching My little ones
that it is wrong to steal and lie, for teaching
them that prayer is hate speech. As I said in
My Word, it would be better for you to have
a millstone hung around your neck and for
you to be thrown into the sea than what you
will receive for doing this to My little lambs.
"Many of you will be saved through the
storms but many of you will come home.
Many people will finally fall on their knees
when they see the judgment that will fall -
and that is My desire, to see them come to
Me before the end of time so that one day I
can take them safely home. That is My

"It has ALWAYS been My desire to have
you be with Me. Yet you hate Me and spit
upon My Name when you think I have
abandoned you. No, it is the devil's name
you should spit upon. He is the source of
your grief and your pain, not I. I have loved
you with an everlasting love, yet you refuse
to come to Me and let Me be your Friend,
your Savior, the Lover of Your Soul. It is
YOUR choice, not Mine, of where you will
spend eternity. And many of you will be
facing that eternity SOON. Come to Me now
while you still can.

"I love you. I AM pleading with you. I
shed My blood for you. What more can I
do? Is it not enough that I was nailed to the
cross for you? I rose again to show that I
indeed have the power over death. Let Me
take you from this life of death to eternal
life. Let Me fill you with My joy and My
love. Let Me heal your broken hearts and
broken dreams. There IS a future of peace
and joy if you will only come to Me. Ask Me
to be your Lord. Ask Me to come into your
heart and renew you from the inside out.
Ask Me for My love and I will give it to you
abundantly - pressed down, shaken together,
and overflowing. It is all YOURS for the
asking. Come to Me. Come to Me NOW
before it is too late!

 ​Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1122124

this is a beautiful word.....So many just don't understand the love of GOD. They mistake all the evil in the world as HIM, while it is just the opposite...it is from the oppressor, satan.
 Quoting: AmazingGRACE

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