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Message Subject Any dreams, visions or words lately? Please post them here!!!
Poster Handle drhoecker
Post Content
First.. I would like to thank AmazingGrace for starting this thread.

When we start seeing how similar our dreams and visions are, then we will know something must be about to happen.

Second.. I would like to say, I am not religious, but very spiritual. I do believe in the God/Great Spirit.

I very seldom went to church when I was growing up. When I did go, it didn't feel right.
I left there with more questions than answers.
The one chapter I do relate to is Revelation.

I've been having dreams since I was young, but in October 2010, my dreams would wake me up.
I had a strong urge to write them down. As you will see, they came out as poems.

Here is one of the poems, I own the copyright to this poem.


God waited and waited
And gave us every chance
He kept listening to excuses
For our every circumstance

His name has been removed
His name spoken no more
So many people offended
The rich and even the poor

Now the days are drawing closer
The nights are drawing near
What people will have to face
Many will not have to fear

The skies will turn dark
The skies will turn gray
So many people will ask
For just one more day

Rivers will rise, the earth will quake
Everyone will be afflicted
Because this is what
The Holy Bible predicted.

Cherokee Soul
 Quoting: Cherokee Soul

my dreams and visions are from the one we call the creator.
the latest visions i had were waking to crystals by seven explaining to me how they work. three days later i have received a crystal with seven heads.they are the very group drawn in the crop circles three years back. i know i am chosen to reveal the truth of our creators existance.
i am he who must fight the negative forces in this time.
it almost overcame several times but i overcame the evil.
as far as the world and the emmitting radiation,i have asked the highest prayer to our creator to neutralise the danger.you all ust help to make it happen. my vision is that the ones who overcome are the same who desire to.
the truth is thus. we are ready to be removed from the garden unless we admit the truth.only the creator can eat of the forbidden fruit.radioactive consumption.
to live we stop using it for ever.
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