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Message Subject Any dreams, visions or words lately? Please post them here!!!
Poster Handle Faithful and Truth
Post Content
A Comet will hit the Earth at the coordinates '20-30' degrees (possibly the Gulf of Mexico) in May, with mankind being given an hour's warning in advance; a 'Solar Holocaust' will occur on 15 May; the city of Denver will be devastated by the effects of a pole shift and a plague from God, and vast areas of the USA will be submerged; my latest prediction is that there will be a tsunami in Norway shortly.

If I'm wrong, remember not to shoot the messenger.


EDIT: Also, I dreamt back in January of there being two Suns (or possibly moons) in the sky, with the one on the left (I think) having the impression of a triangle pointing down, and the one on the right of a triangle pointing up. I was on riding on a some sort of a boat through my town centre, which had some sort of a party on board (a ship of fools sailing on?)

in 1992, I had a vision I was on a beach where there is white sand. I was with children I did not know. We all drowned in a huge wave..as tall as a sky scaper.

fast foward till now...I am in Florida..about to go on a vacation in May on the beach on the west coast of florida
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