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Message Subject Any dreams, visions or words lately? Please post them here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Last night I saw two large ships, they looked like to E's put together and stretched out to about 1/2 mile. The ship had three distinct levels with space in between the bottom and the top. I saw the first one way up in the sky not moving, but just appearing as a large blackish ship. It surprised me, and I hit my girl on the shoulder to show her, to look up that is.

She saw it start to slowly light up as we were watching it. It came on like how a building lights up. Soon after that, she pointed to the rear above me, and there was another one, only this one had already finished lighting up fully, and was shockingly familiar in sight, not very scary looking at all. A huge building is what it looked like, but this one was only about 300 feet above us. HUGE..

We sprinted next door, the low one was on the move, slowly and dead silent. It was heading straight for our area. We went to the neighbors and stormed in just as, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a black tube looking thing right about to touch down on the far side of their house.

Not one, but two of these tube things reached the ground and I felt the house suddenly rattle and shake. At this point I figure we are had. I got us all in a group just as the front door slammed open.

I knew we were had then. I about shit my pants when they didn't look like green men, or freakishly gray, or even monstrous. They were the same as US. They spoke with an Icelandic type of accent and were wearing a pleasant looking light black uniform that had gray stripes down one side of the pants.

They said we had to go. Spoke in a rushed tone, and I felt the sense of urgency that he had as well. We all left, but, the women went to the left tube, and we, the men went to the right tube. I suddenly felt panic as my GF and I were separated, and I thought that was odd. The tube the girls group went into started to rise up in sections like a telescope.

I woke up then, smoked a cig. and thought about the dream.

There you have it, hope it helps. Sorry so long.
 Quoting: deermeat2112

thanks for sharing! I think that we will see more UFO type experience as we approach these last days. However, I believe that they will be a deception for the world to see. They will be from the evil one, the father of lies.
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