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Message Subject Any dreams, visions or words lately? Please post them here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There is no suffering afterlife. The bible is clear that those who refused to accept and follow Christ are destroyed. It is clear in many areas. There are illustrations of this to convey certain points which don't actually suggest eternal hell.

This is a satanic doctrine that stems from Babylon and Egypt. I believe it is designed as an extra excuse to make people hate our beloved creator.

You'll notice that unlike the Roman Catholic Church teaches, Jesus never said "You have a choice to follow me or not, but if you don't I'll torture you".

The moon was reddish last night btw I'm not sure if anybody else saw that?

Also I had a strange dream earlier this evening:
(Please note I am not in any way a racist, this must have been some sort of symbolism.)

I was on a bus sat with two black africans who seemed really nice at first, but then I tried to get up and one held me down and I told him he was and he smiled and said i know, then I felt a sharp object in my back so I just sat there.

I was stalked from then somehow. I tried to go to the police, but they went there at the same time to talk to them as well. They didn't believe me and it was laughed off.

I called for help in the street another time where I saw police, but then it turned out they were sieging a house and a door opened and one of them was shot at point blank range. I screamed. All the while the main of the two people who followed me was grinning at me.

I tried to tell two of my friends but they didn't believe me, and befriended these two. When nobody was looking I was shown a knife. Eventually we were on a small tower which was built of squares you could go through but filled with water flowing from top to bottom. They had a party in my friends house while we were locked there.

Then they obviously believed me and we managed to escape. I drove us to a place called Port Talbot where there are no black people and we were safe forever.

It is a weird dream. Kind of makes me think we are prisoners here and the world goes on as normal. If you want to warn people you are ridiculed and nobody takes you seriously. All the while the one trying to veil the truth is grinning at you convinced he has won. At the end if you percevier you're in a new place with no more evil for ever.

Yeah sorry, I'm not sure if this dream is a worthwhile contribution :P
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1313259

I'm glad you did post. Sometimes writing down our dreams really helps understand them....either now or later!

What a nightmare you had!!! It could be a warning for you personally, I don't know. If it is bothering you pray and ask what it means. I'm beginnng to think that there is a lot of unrest coming to the U.K. and to the U.S. Maybe that is what it is about....a lot of unlawlessness.
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