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Message Subject Any dreams, visions or words lately? Please post them here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
recurring dreams of alien invasion/war/destruction

always incredibly vivid.

last night:

at a pristine beach with mom, brother, aunt, cousin, niece. it was calm and quiet--very peaceful.
to my left--endless blue ocean with no waves. to my right--mexico. a simple metal rail fence running the length of the beach separated mexico from wherever i was. A patrol officer walking the perimeter approached and someone signaled me to comply with the law by moving away from the rail. This is when i looked toward the sky and noticed what i thought was some kind of lenticular cloud formation, but it was a ring instead. Around the perimeter of this cloud ring small blinking white lights appeared. ...adrenaline skyrocketed, alone in my compulsion, i demanded a recording device--cell phone--anything! my cousin reluctantly gave me her new camcorder after first changing some cartridge and reminding me of the replacement cost. I zoomed in on the ring and it had become what looked like huge reddish brown cubes with strange markings now flying overhead. I tried to film it all properly so as to give the whole thing credibility, but panic and the realization of impending doom made the effort pointless. ---no point of reference no commentary...too much shaking..zooming in and out... a mess.

the sky grew dark and these cubes apparently became huge robots that began to crush buildings with their footsteps. i wanted to cry. i could only think to run, but in which direction??? i had to just run...i don't even know what happened to my family. incredibly sad doom. i ran across the perfectly calm ocean on some kinda of transparent platform still holding the camcorder knowing that we would both eventually be destroyed--a robotic voice could be heard in the rumble behind me ---" everything will be destroyed and every human will die"

across this ocean i ran and with me appeared a fleet of tiny metallic triangular devices that hovered at shin level in formation and zoomed by me--each being replaced by another. i wondered why none had killed me and i wondered what the point of running was. After all, they were zoooming past me to destroy wherever it was that i was headed.
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