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Message Subject Any dreams, visions or words lately? Please post them here!!!
Poster Handle Revo/elation
Post Content
Sooo, I have 2 dreams to share...
1) 4/4/08 I woke from a dream at 5:10a, sobbing. In the dream I was out in space looking at the western hemisphere. I slowly zoomed in on N. America. From the east coast side, an ugly monster hand with huge claws "scratched" a line across the USA, LA to NYC. The next thing I saw was a swarm of black and yellow checkered bees. The began oozing and spreading a thick, honey-like poison all over the US, from the Canada line to the south. Then I woke up. I was so shaken that I journaled the dream.

2) 4/14/11 I had such a long dream...seemed to last all night. I wanted out so bad but couldn't force myself awake. I dreamed about living without electric. It wasn't about how resourceful we were. The dream was about the dark side of humanity. We had moved everything into a basement and painted the small windows black. We could only be outside a little bit at a time. We had 24 hour watchmen. It had to look like the property was deserted. We had built false walls to hide our supplies. Bands of home invaders everywhere trying to get our stuff. No candles or flashlights after dark. No noise. We were in absolute hiding. Very dangerous.
 Quoting: Fluffy Mae

Thanks for sharing. number 2 is wild. Maybe because it has so much potential to be real. Believers will be kept however. Either from or through.
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