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Message Subject Any dreams, visions or words lately? Please post them here!!!
Poster Handle odinson222
Post Content
Hello All

This is a general post to cover 2 topics I seen here, small asteroids and I call God's chariot.

I watched a movie called Meteor or some such made for tv. They had a term called harbingers which are asteroid fragments caused when a comet hits a huge asteroid. I saw many small asteroids hitting the earth in my vision. I wonder if it will be caused by this event. Some celestial bodies hitting each other which changes the orbits and increases our chances of being hit.

I had a vision of ufos suddenly appearing in the sky with a possible government conspiracy involved. If satan is a player, as we all know, he know we will look for all kinds of things to see him coming. But over the years we have seen all kinds of evidence that we were visited by some other civilization.

What if satan or his angels deliberately done this in their own vehicle. Just think for a moment, if God has a vehicle why wouldn't satan? Then they can appear and say they created us. They would have some proof of course which how do you dispute something so far in the past if you weren't there. So the big ufo thing can be these 'aliens' saying they created us and that there is no God.

Just a thought! If that scenario does happen, don't believe it!God created us in His own image.

God Bless
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