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Message Subject Any dreams, visions or words lately? Please post them here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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eye dreamt of this man who wore sunglasses, theese sunglasses were round in shape, like two circles and had a reptilian eye hologram on the surface, when he read the telephone catalouge with them it translated into another message. i dreamt that he was or is in mental asylum or prison maybe in sweden. i dreamt that he had written a book called reptilernas planet which in english is planet of the reptiles which described amongst other things dark encounters with reptilians

when i awoke i searched for the book on google but found nothing
 Quoting: consciousnes


I do believe that there are half breed type of humans now....

nephalim....stuff like that.

things just seem to be getting stranger and stranger....

it is easy to let one's mind get fearful....


BUT there is no need for fear if we put of FAITH in GOD. HE will see us through, if we turn to HIM.


the Psalm of Protection...

I am in the middle of memorizing it!

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