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Message Subject Any dreams, visions or words lately? Please post them here!!!
Poster Handle 44170
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I had a end of world dream but the odd part was after I woke up from it.

In the dream it was myself and my dog we were scavenging for food in a destroyed urban area. I was parked between 2 buildings. Sammie(my dog) was standing on the passenger seat and the door was open as I got food from these 3 little bowls behind the car. There was a bldg in front of the car a distance away and this man came running towards us. I tried to get the food and get back in the car and he slammed the door on me. It broke me in half and the last thing I could see was Sammie standing on the passenger seat looking at me than I woke up.

The strange part is it was 2:59am I was laying there trying to get back to sleep after the panic of the dream and I hear Sammie down stairs give a huge bark yelp at 3:04 and than he ran upstairs to my side of the bed and stared at me. Of course he had to pee; so I took him out still feeling eery and he had the longest pee I have ever seen. The pee part in itself is odd because he is a marker when I walk him; for him to do a full long evacuation in itself tells me his flight senses maybe had been affected.

It made me wonder if he could of had the same dream and had gotten whacked by the bad man 5 minutes after me. Funny, odd timing or he sensed something about me, I don't know...it was just strange.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5141990

I would have your blood sugar levels checked. It is quite possible your dog was sensing your blood sugar levels dropping. waking at 3am is very common with early onset diabetes. Diabetes, like all other autoimmune disorders, often affects the circadian rhythm causing people to wake around then.

you might just have a very sensitive dog to your blood sugar levels and he woke as you did. he just might not know what it meant. he just knew something was wrong with your body.
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