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Message Subject Any dreams, visions or words lately? Please post them here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
ok have a vision i'd like to share, [non religious-so please just NO-i'm asking nicely to respect my culture]

I mediate before i lie down at night (about one hour of mediation). And a few months ago, I had fell asleep in the middle of my mediation, and i had a dream-vision (different from my dreams i could actually feel things my dreams are normally fuzzy and not a vivid) but i was outside in a wooded area that was covered in high tree's and woodland grass. I was walking and I saw a white owl on a tree watching me. I looked up at him, to acknowledge his presence. His eyes followed me through the rest of everything that happened (no body- just his eyes) and as i was walking i saw a hole in a tree. I went to the hole a noticed a large cutout around the hole. It looked to be about the size of a small door or opening. I pulled it open, and saw a dim white light inside. I crawled in. As i entered the area formed around me, wasn't like it would normally be inside a tree, it was a room filled with crystals and a desk with paper on it. I went over to the desk, and looked at the paper. The paper said in very large strange print, to write down my deepest desire. I looked around..no pen. So i started looking for a pen, i couldn't find anything. The room started to get warm and smaller it felt like. I started to feel panicked. So i opened the door to go back through and when i left the door the owl was standing there in front of me. much larger than before. About my size, and his eyes were cut out. I screamed, and started running through the open grass..and then i woke up. It was quite different!!
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