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Message Subject Any dreams, visions or words lately? Please post them here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Regarding the claim above about 7th day Sabbath: If you choose to earn eternal life by keeping the law, you must obey every commandment in every detail, from your first breath to your last, without entertaining one thought of transgression for even a moment. Every impulse and motive must be pure, without error or exception. The alternative is to humbly receive redemption from the only true source, the Lord Jesus Christ.
 Quoting: SoulWinner

Martin Luther's "Sola Fide" messes up so much Truth.
It' mixes with all the other heresies. "Faith" and
"Works" are required to get to Heaven.

You earn eternal life by the life you live, not by false
and the prideful laws of men. With the help of God, His grace, you have to keep His laws, you must keep them, that requires a work. I think Protestants understand but cling to Luther's "faith alone" saying "works" are the results of your "faith alone." But they forget or deny God
wants our love freely given. He doesn't make us do anything, "Faith" doesnt make you act, we STILL must choose to act. Seeeee?

Jesus redeemed mankind, that has a different meaning
than justification.
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