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Message Subject Any dreams, visions or words lately? Please post them here!!!
Poster Handle Aunty Flo
Post Content
hi im new :) but lately ive bn having lots of weird dreams deja vu, ironic and coincdental things happening to me. And with th dreams usually i dont remember them the only thing i usually remember is th weird feeling i had from it but

there was this dream that i had a while ago that i actually remembered for once and it went like this.

I was in my house but the dinning room downstairs was like my middle school classroom and some of my old classmates were there and my brother. And this man was sitting with us at the table. I dont rally remember who he was but it might have been jesus, he kinda resmbled him but i dunno its kinda blurry. Okay so were sittting at the school table and then he gave glases of like alchohol, it was like clear brownish and really sweet. so he saids something along the lines of, "for the end to come, you gotta drink all of it", so we were trying to drink it but it was just too sweet and gross and i didnt like it, so i couldnt finish all of it. so I got up from the table went to the sink and i poured the little bit that was left out,I think my brother did too.

so I went to my living room and my classmates were on the couch watching tv, the dinning room was back to normal and the classroom was gone and so was the man. but for some reason thre were piles of strawberries everywhere. and i thought thats weird, then i went up stairs and looked out the window and it was a full moon, but like the moon was really close. when i looked away from the moon.I saw like a ring of lava come from a distance and it continued to spread out it hit the house and kept going but it didnt burn anything only the trees. and it was like a pulse. so one ring after another came. and my brother asked me what was going on. And I said "The end is here,were going home" after that i told him im going to get going now. I put on my shoes and put my pet birdie in his cag so i could take him with me i guess.

then i woke up, it was so weird because it felt so real. what does this mean???
 Quoting: hithereimS

I had a similar dream a few months ago. Except it was GLP as the classroom and Jesus was there.

Edit... found it
Thread: I had a strange dream about GLP....
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