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Message Subject Any dreams, visions or words lately? Please post them here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I dreamed a warning to the church last night.
As I fell into sleep I began singing a christian song as I often do. In the middle of the bed was an old man, father figure, who was just out of my line of sight...He began singing the song with me.
As I began to drift into sleep, he began to change the words ever so slightly and quietly. I recognized my words changing from the christian
song I was singing into the words he was singing.
All of a sudden the anointing hit me but it was a different kind of anointing. As this anointing went through my body sudden fear hit me. I woke up saying, I am running out of time.
Interpretation of the dream:
Most of the body of Christ knows the words but the music fools us into thinking we are walking in the way. We dont know enough of the word so as when the enemy comes and ever so softly changes the truth we begin to speak what he is saying and dont know that the change in our wording has changed.
The enemy is singing the church to sleep because we will not enter into the close fellowship that God has called us to
walk . We want to sing, feed homeless, preach....He wants us to sit still, in His presence, and Know Him. So that when we do His works..it is Him in us doing the works we perform
We recognozed the music so it was comforting but we didnt know enough of the words to keep from being decieved.
We are running out of time to commit our lives fully to Jesus.
Doing God's will is only performed His way. Anything added or taken away from what He tells us to do...Is strange fire.
The church is being decieved because of what we know....The body is being destroyed because of what we will not do.
Robert Wilson
A Storm Is Coming.

[link to www.youtube.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1512517

wow! thanks for sharing this dream and interpretation!!
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