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Message Subject Any dreams, visions or words lately? Please post them here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I love Yolanda Ballard, she is a non-Catholic
Christian messenger. This is who God is, do
not worry. My heart's desire, that all souls
would find Him hf.


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[link to www.openheaven.com]

October 24, 2012

Word submitted for your encouragement
by Yolanda Ballard


Ever since the beginning of time man has tried to take it in their own hands their fate whether they live or die. They believe that they have a control over it, but I tell you this day that even if you have all the money in the world and able to have the best doctors in the world, that will not bring about the solution to your problem. Only exercising faith in My word and what He did on the Cross will bring about all that you will ever need concerning your health, your finances, and your future.

Whether you live or die, it's all in My hands, for I AM the One who controls the universe and everything in it, and if I can keep it in running order, then why can't you believe that I can keep your own body running the way that I created it to? For I created everything, and I hold it together by the power of My spoken Word that has gone out, and will not return void, but will accomplish all that I sent Him out to do.

I tell you this day, "Whose report do you believe?". Is it what you see in the natural? Is it your financial circumstances, your bank account, whether you have a job or not? Where do you put your trust in? For when I take you through the fire surely you will find out. For surely you need to seek My face to know My wisdom in all matters that you face, but don't allow panic and fear direct you, but wait upon Me, and dwell in My peace until you get My guidance, for if you jump ahead of My timing trying to take care of a matter, you could completely destroy the results of why I allowed your trial in the first place.

It is all about trust, and trust is what you need. If you cannot handle the fire that I allow now, which is only a flicker of flame compared to the bonfire that is ahead. And didn't I say that you would not be burned by it or even have the smell of smoke upon you? So why can't you rest in My faithfulness, be still, and know that I AM God? I told you that all things work together for your good, and that what the enemy meant for harm I will turn around making it a blessing.

For I need to have a strong people, full of My power and light, able to give testimony of My faithfulness. I need a people who say and trust that thou He slay Me, yet I will trust Him. I need a people who will trust and honor Me when I give and then I take away that which you love. For in all these things you are more than conquerors, because I made you that way.

You have Kingly blood of My dear Son flowing in your veins, and even though His flesh grieved to the point of blood pouring out upon His brow, He never gave in to escape My perfect will. For the joy set before Him He paid the price to see you set free and walking in His victory over death, heal and the grave.

Yes, they will overcome by the blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony, loving not their life unto death, for the absence of the body brings about the full measure of My presence. So why do you fear and panic when you are tested to the uttermost? Don't you know that to be purified you have to go through the fire, even seven times, the number of perfect completion?

So remember this day that I am calling you forth to prepare you, and through the fire you will go. In order to enter My kingdom, you will go through much tribulation, but with My joy strengthening you if you yield, and peace that passes all understanding, full of glory, and the love that will radiate out blinding the enemy and confusion his camp.

So trust Me to do things My way. Trust me when you don't understand what I put you through knowing that I being your loving Father only allows the best for My children building them up to be mighty, fearless warriors. Whatever the enemy hurls at you will not deter you from rising up to take the land, nor will it distract you from My kingdom purposes.

This is the day the Lord has made and be glad in it. Each day is a new opportunity learning how to overcome through the onslaughts of the enemy. For the enemy is only a tool in My hands. He can do nothing without My permission. To sift you like wheat will only prove that you are faithful to Me no matter what. I know who I can trust to go through the fire. So be honored that I have prepared and am preparing My mighty warriors for the front lines of battle, and signs and wonders and gifts of miracles will follow you as you proclaim My word.

I am pleased with you even though you struggle with doubt. I started the work in you and will complete it. I see you victorious through the blood of My son. March on, mighty warriors, for mighty is the One who is in you; much more mighty that he who is of the world.

Remember Joseph that His hardships brought about provision and deliverance for his whole household. Do not look at the present circumstances, but look to the outcome of having gone through it. Look at life with a positive attitude, because the battle is won or lost in your mind. What you perceive is what you will achieve. You build up or tear down by the power of your tongue. So choose life and abundant life you will receive! For surely I have promised you a hope and a future, says your God.

I tell you this day to not worry when you go through the fires of tribulation. For surely I will supply your every need like manna in the wilderness. All your needs will be met, and I mean "every" need will be met! So don't allow the enemy to tempt you to do things because you might have lack, for he is a liar and the father of all liars. He's just trying to deter that perfect work I have set out to do in you.

My children will never beg bread or lack any good thing. I will even give you your heart's desire even through the storm. So rest, My child, be still and know that I AM God!
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